Get in touch with questions or if you want to commission Michael to paint an original. Depending on whether it’s a watercolour or oil, please ask for pricing.

. . . .


Telephone: 250-245-8127

Studio address:
830 5th Avenue
Ladysmith B.C.

Mailing address:
PO Box 682
Ladysmith B.C. V9G 1A5


8 Responses to “Contact Michael Dean”

  1. kelly craig Says:

    I purchssed a water color print from you this summer at the port Alberni truck show. It was a large print of tug boats…tugs at___ bay. It turns out the blue tug in the picture was owned by my brother inlaws uncle and he worked on it. I would like to know if you have another print of this I could purchase.
    Kelly Lee Craig

  2. Bob Taylor Says:

    We were given a ink piece by relatives, of Alert Bay totems. 1986, colored 02. Love this piece but don’t see any others like it on here.

  3. Kathryn Says:

    Hi Michael. I was given a print…or a pen and ink drawing of yours from 1985, then watercoloured in 1986. It’s of a 1940 s logging scene. Can you remember this? Can you tell me more about it? I can send you a pic. It is beautiful and reminds me of living on the north coast.
    Kathryn Alma-Nihte

    • Wendy Hamel Says:

      Dear Michael,
      I have what appears to be a lithograph, black and white in colour 22×18 signed by you.It is dated 1986, 33 years old now. It shows a partially loaded log truck,with a mountain Scenery in the back ground. I dont know anything about it, as it showed up in my shop and don’t know if it’s an original or not for sure. When I examined the art with my jewelers eye, it appeared not to be a copy. Would you please be so kind to share more about this art work with me. I can send photos also.
      Thank you kindly,

      Wendy Hamel

  4. Patty Says:

    Hi Michael, Just curious did you ever paint a jean jacket hanging over a wooden chair? I have one dated 1988.

  5. Leanna Hildebrand Says:

    Hi, Michael. I was given 2 framed prints of yours in 1994, as a going away gift. The smaller print was a pair of work boots, and the larger is a jean jacket hanging on the back of a chair. These are done in pencil, I think. What are these prints worth? I am asking for insurance purposes. Thank you.

  6. Barbara Tutty Says:

    Hello: my name is Barbara and I purchased one of you pictures at a garage sale this year and would like some information on it if possible. It is dated 1983, a black pen etching of a some tug boats docked at somewhere. The one main tug says Victory 111 on it with four other vesels in the back ground one saying Sharjoan , there is also a hill in the back ground partcially logged off ,with buildings or businessess in the background also. The boats are reflecting in the calm waters or????
    Please I would love to know about it and approximatly what the value is so I can smile ever bigger. Good find!! and I love it.

  7. Maggie gibson Says:

    Hi there. I found a pencil drawing of an old Hayes logging truck. It’s been professionally framed, but I can’t see anything like that in your pictures now. It’s date says 1983. Can you tell me a bit about it. My husband loves it.

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