Examples of prints currently for sale:
Unless otherwise noted, all prints are $34 and measure 18″ x 12″. Regular postage is $13.

To inquire, please get in touch via email.

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Cowichan Bay

“Cowichan Bay”

Hayes 100 Years”

“Chesterman Beach”

Hayes Logging Truck

“Hayes Logging Truck”

Hayes H17

“Hayes H17”

Log Train at Beaver Cove

“Log Train at Beaver Cove”

Malloch & Moseley at Rivers Inlet

“Malloch & Moseley at Rivers Inlet”

1st and Roberts in Ladysmith

“1st and Roberts in Ladysmith”

Ocean Falls Xmas

“Ocean Falls at Christmas”

Pacific at Nitnat

“Pacific at Nitnat”

Challenger Logging Truck

“Challenger Logging Truck”

Martin Mars water bombers

“Martin Mars Water Bombers”

Logging truck, Port Renfrew

“B.C.F.P. logging truck, Port Renfrew”

Robert Street small

“Roberts Street, Ladysmith”

“Logging at Copper Canyon”

“Ocean Falls”

“M&B At Menzies Bay”

“Rebecca Spit”

“Ladysmith & Maritime Dock”

“Ocean Falls”

“Holland Creek Trail”

“Beach near Cape Scott”

“Holland Creek”

“Queen of Prince Rupert”

“Steam Tug Queen”

“Town on the Hill”

“Old Friends”

“CN Steam Engine”

“Pacific Logging Truck”

“Work on the Waterfront”

“Heriot Bay”

“Hayes on Trestle”

“Harris Creek Camp”

Cowichan Bay Village

“Cowichan Bay Village” $110, 23″ x 16″

“Cowichan Bay” $110, 23″ x 17″

“Boardwalk at Bamfield” $80, 23″ x 17″

“Low Tide” $80, 23″ x 17″

“Winter Harbour” $80, 23″ x 17″

“Ladysmith” $80, 23″ x 17″

“Tugs at Cowichan Bay” $90, 26″ x 20″

“Gail S” $90, 26″ x 17″


4 Responses to “Prints”

  1. michelle piluk Says:

    found some old pencil drawings from M.A. Dean 914 steam train going over trecil bridge 1983 and one with a logging truck

  2. Kathleen Wabinga Says:

    We are enjoying your painting of Bamfield Boardwalk and the boats at Winter Horbour. All your prints are fantastic!!

  3. Pat Baglo Says:

    I won one of your prints at a luncheon for Administrative Assistants one year. It is Historic Ladysmith. I absolutely love it.

  4. Debra Thomason Says:

    I am interested in the Ocean Falls print. I was born there, and have lots of family history there. What are the dimensions and price? Do you ship to the United States?

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